The Melissa Healy Group, 2017 Sold and Pending Listings

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AddressSold Date
1155 York Rd, WarminsterPending
5 N. 5th Street, PerkasiePending
Lot 6 Madigan Way, ChalfontPending
5333 Loux Dr, DoylestownPending
112 Mary St, DoylestownPending
4781 Old Easton Rd, PlumsteadPending
725 Meetinghouse Rd, CheltenhamPending
1 Greenway Dr, DoylestownPending
142 Overholt Dr, BedminsterPending
1029 Patriots Way, QuakertownPending
1097 Liberty Ct, QuakertownPending
260 Inverness Circle, ChalfontPending
1802 Leedum Ln, Milford TwpPending
Lot 3 Madigan Way, ChalfontPending
Lot 5 Madigan Way, ChalfontPending
Lot 7 Madigan Way, ChalfontPending
Lot 11 Madigan Way, ChalfontPending
2131 Bethel Rd, WorcesterPending
2546 Old Bethlehem Pike, SellersvilleDecember 22nd
1575 W. Street Rd, WarminsterDecember 8th
520 W. Prospect Ave, North WalesDecember 6th
3978 Cephas Child Rd, DoylestownDecember 1st
425 Oxford Ln, ChalfontNovember 28th
4738 Morlen Rd, DoylestownDecember 1st
2440 Kerr Rd, HarleysvilleNovember 30th
412 E. Broad St, QuakertownNovember 21st
3223 Dovecote Dr, QuakertownNovember 17th
309 Hamilton Dr, HarleysvilleNovember 17th
3061 E. Dorchester St, FurlongSeptember 26th
1423 Mayflower Dr, QuakertownNovember 14th
400 Edgewood Dr, AmblerAugust 17th
4014 Hillcrest Dr, BuckinghamSeptember 29th
251 Chandler Way, HilltownSeptember 29th
74 Steeplechase Dr, DoylestownSeptember 27th
707 Bridge Rd, SkippackJuly 18th
967 Hertford Dr, HatfieldJune 16th
3790 Jacob Stout Rd, DoylestownSeptember 22nd
2524 Bruner Cir, WorcesterNovember 8th
3133 W. Brighton St, DoylestownJune 15th
205 Summer Ridge Cir, WarringtonAugust 11th
3798 Jacob Stout Rd, DoylestownAugust 29th
172 Filly Dr, North WalesJune 13th
1615 Canary Rd, QuakertownOctober 12th
788 E. Parker St, LanghorneJune 20th
3942 Cephas Child Rd, DoylestownJune 27th
10 Turner Ct, Lower GwyneddJune 27th
1112 Walnut Ln, LansdaleJuly 31st
2118 Country View Ln, WorcesterJuly 12th
124 Joan Dr, TrappeJuly 18th
1723 Hedgewood Rd, HatfieldJune 30th
235 Towyn Ct, AmblerJune 14th
705 S. Towamencin Ave, LansdaleJune 30th
940 E. Slocum St, PhiladelphiaJuly 28th
1166 Elberta Ave, BensalemAugust 29th
3971 Cephas Child Rd, DoylestownAugust 10th
1315 E. Meetinghouse Rd, AmblerJune 14th
49 N. Savanna Dr, PottstownJune 12th
537 Viscount Dr, YardleyJune 1st
1740 Hopes Ln, Lower GwyneddJune 1st
3974 Cephas Child Rd, DoylestownJune 1st
3778 Jacob Stout Rd, DoylestownJune 1st
2117 Overbrook Rd, HatfieldMay 30th
3133 Cloverly Dr, FurlongMay 25th
3782 Jacob Stout Rd, DoylestownMay 20th
99 Mcconnell St, DoylestownMay 19th
3516 Windridge Dr, BuckinghamMay 19th
1925 Mayflower Dr, QuakertownMay 19th
47 Hillyer Ln, NewtownMay 12th
3742 Jacob Stout Rd, DoylestownMay 12th
3061 E Brighton St, DoylestownMay 8th
148 N Clinton St, DoylestownMay 5th
1104 Society Pl, NewtownMay 1st
3889 Cephas Child Rd, DoylestownMay 1st
3946 Cephas Child Rd, DoylestownApril 28th
3 Walnut Ln, QuakertownApril 28th
114 Devon Rd, ChalfontApril 21st
5501 Grandview Ln, DoylestownApril 13th
1113 Emerald Ave, LansdaleApril 5th
312 Mews Dr, SellersvilleApril 5th
248 Britt Rd, North WalesMarch 15th
2818 River Willow Dr, FurlongMarch 8th
3838 Jacob Stout Rd, DoylestownMarch 1st
106 Stonycrest Dr, PerkasieJanuary 26th
653 Wanamaker Rd, JenkintownJanuary 19th
107 Sidesaddle Way, North WalesJanuary 13th
579 Broadview Rd, ChurchvilleJanuary 6th


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